Prosper² Rewards® is our own market-leading, award winning, open-loop rewards program. This offers you the freedom to redeem your points worldwide to the Prosper² Rewards Card that is a prepaid Mastercard enabling spend wherever you see the Mastercard logo.

Prosper² Points

As a Prosper² Member, you accumulate points just like any other rewards program, but with a key and revolutionary difference. Prosper² Points can be redeemed or loaded to your multi-currency Prosper² Rewards Prepaid Mastercard® – spending as, when and where you desire.

How you Earn Points

  • Join as a member – the number of points you receive is based on your membership level
  • Purchase services from the Service Hub
  • Purchase goods and services from other members
  • Refer a friend’s business

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As a Prosper² Member this becomes YOUR Company’s Rewards Program

As a member, you can use Prosper² Rewards® to create your own loyalty program to reward your most-valued customers and suppliers for their business, generating brand loyalty and improved customer satisfaction.

What makes Prosper² Rewards so unique is that it is a market-leading, award winning, open-loop rewards program that allows your most valuable customers and suppliers to accumulate points with your business and redeem those points directly to a multi-currency Prosper² Rewards Mastercard.

Most loyalty programs are closed-loop, meaning that the company treats their rewards points like store credits to its loyal customers, only allowing those points to be used in their own shops or websites. Prosper² Rewards does not restrict where its customers spend their earned points. Our prepaid Mastercard allows redeemed points to be used anywhere, in any shop, for any company, that accept Mastercard for payment, giving your clients the freedom to use their points for anything they need or want.

Each redeemed Prosper² Point is typically worth £1, your customers and suppliers can use their points to enjoy whatever they want!

Prosper² Rewards can help you differentiate your business from your competitors by rewarding your own customers and suppliers with Prosper² Points. This will help you increase sales, boost profitability, stand out in your marketplace and develop stronger relationships with them in a cost-effective manner.

Prosper² Rewards offers:

  • Cost effective, out of the box solution
  • Flexible and adaptable to your business
  • Improved customer loyalty and engagement
  • A range of white label options

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