Prosper² Expenses 

Corporate Expenses - The Problem

The majority of SME businesses are losing significant amounts of money each year as they and their employees struggle to find an efficient way to manage expenses. 

Concur estimated that in 2012, UK companies paid out around £8.2 billion in expenses. Financial Directors and Concur also discovered that 65% of finance functions are still relying upon manual processes for their expenses and over half of senior finance managers still rely on spreadsheets.

Without control and visibility into travel and entertainment spend, finance departments are unable to report accurately with potential tens of thousands of pounds in unclaimed or repaid VAT.

Chasing up your employees' expenses claims can take up a lot of time. Lost VAT receipts can cost you money.

The Prosper² Solution

With Prosper² Expenses, our member's expense management becomes incredibly easy.

Prosper² can provide an all in one payment solution combining a prepaid MasterCard® with a unique management portal, streamlining the expense process with automation. It’s a paperless solution, so no more spreadsheets and lost VAT receipts.

How does it work?

  1. Receive your cards.

    • Order cards from us, which you can then hold in stock and issue to employees on-site using our secure online portal, whenever you need. 

    • Alternatively, we can send personalised cards straight to your employees.

  2. Load your cards.

    • After paying into your float, you will be able to load cards with funds straight away. 

    • Top up whenever you want, or set your cards to automatically top up to a certain level every night, so your employees always know how much they have to spend on any given working day.

  3. Use your cards!

    • Your employees can go out and use our cards at ATMs, in shops, or online (or, if you prefer, you can switch off ATM access, restricting use to shops and online stores).

  4. View spending instantly.

    • Using our reporting tools, you will see every transaction that your employees make in near real-time. You can download these reports in CSV format to open in Microsoft Excel, allowing you to seamlessly integrate Prosper² with the rest of your accounting workflow.

The Prosper² Expense management solution can be customised to your needs. 

Create custom job codes and accounting categories, which employees can select when uploading receipts from their phone. This means you can have every transaction neatly categorised into whatever categories you use in the rest of your accounting workflow.

Track Employee Spending

View reports to see exactly where your cards have been spent, and how much each transaction cost. Spot fraudulent activity easily so that you can prevent it in the future.

Categorise Card Transactions

Create job codes and accounting categories to fall in line with your in-house accounting system. Employees can add a job description or mileage to every transaction made with their Prosper MasterCard prepaid card.

Download reports for Excel

Download reports as either a Microsoft Excel file, PDF, or CSV file, to integrate our reports seamlessly into your accounting workflow.


This product is available in three currencies - Pounds Sterling, Euro, and US Dollar - giving your organisation the option to utilise all three.

Management Portal

Full access to a management portal, allowing you to:

  • Issue and activate cards

  • Load cards individually or in bulk 24/7

  • Unload cards

  • Block cards

  • Generate reports with our full reporting suite

  • View real time float statements / card loads / transactions

  • Use our expense management suite (creating job codes, accounting categories, office locations and departments)

  • Set cards to be automatically topped up to a certain level every day

  • Switch off ATM use and online transactions

Virtual Cards

Virtual prepaid cards are a cost effective alternative to a traditional plastic cards, with procurement departments utilising this option for purchasing airline tickets and other online spend.

Create virtual cards via the management portal for instant use. Once the card has been activated the cardholder will be sent an email with login details for the cardholder portal where an image of the card with the 16-digit card number, expiry date and CVV number is available.

Non Prosper² Member

£12 per card

£1,000 Setup Fee

Management Fee £500

Load Fee 4%

Management Portal

Silver / Gold Member

£9 per card

£750 Setup Fee

Management Fee £350

Load Fee 3.5%

Management Portal

3 Currencies; GBP EUR USD

Virtual Cards

Co-Branded Cards 1000+

Platinum / Black Member

£6.50 per card

No Setup Fee

Management Fee £250

Load Fee 3%

Management Portal

3 Currencies; GBP EUR USD

Virtual Cards

White Label & Co-Branded Cards 200+