Prosper² Private Clients

Protecting personal wealth is of utmost importance to all our members.

We understand that no two Prosper² members are alike. Each has a unique set of personal and professional circumstances which play a significant part in determining their financial needs, aspirations and expectations. By listening to our highest value members and by offering bespoke services through Prosper² Private Clients we are best placed to provide tailored solutions that are as unique as each of our members.

Working side-by-side with our members, and their advisors, our professional and experienced team offers an efficient, informed and personal service. Our expertise ensures that solutions are tailored to the member’s current requirements but also have the flexibility to adapt to change in circumstances, regulations or tax laws.

Solutions Include

  • Pension review and planning. Utilise your existing pension for what YOU want

  • Introduction to investment opportunities in either property or stocks and share for sophisticated investors**

  • Introductions for the advice, formation and administration of all types of trusts for estate and wealth planning*

  • Introduction to members that specialise in tax planning structures for UK residents and non-UK domiciliaries wishing to mitigate capital gains tax liabilities***

  • Property / asset protection planning

  • Succession and estate planning

  • Innovative business financing solutions including short term bridging

  • Sports sponsorship with a difference

We aim to ensure wealth is managed for present and future generations.

Prosper² Private Clients is available exclusively to Prosper² black level business club members only that have a personal business relationship with a member of the senior team at Prosper² Group.

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*  provided by third party whom is licensed for corporate / trust services
** by their nature anyone that qualifies for Prosper² Private Clients will meet the criteria of a sophisticated investor.
*** Prosper² does not advise or promote tax structures/schemes and is not a tax advisor.