Tips from the Team to Combat Stress


It’s National Stress Awareness Day, so we took a tour of the Prosperoffice to gather tips from the team on how to cope with or manage stress.

“If you are getting overwhelmed, step away from your desk and get some exercise during your lunch break.” Anthony, Marketing and Communications Manager

“Keeping yourself entertained during the day can really improve your mood. Reading during breaks or listening to audiobooks can give you a big boost when you have a lot on your plate.” Katherine, Relationship Manager

“Getting in some meditation or yoga in your down time can really help you manage your stress levels. Fill your spare time doing activities and hobbies you enjoy.” Rebecca, Executive Assistant

“Sneak in some chocolate to treat yourself during the day.” Danielle, Bookkeeper

“Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Gaining some perspective is important and you often find that you are worrying about something that has a simple solution.” David, General Manager


“When you can, take a break. Being stressed usually means you are burned out so take some time for yourself, even if that means booking in a long weekend and coming back rested and ready to go again.” Stefanie, Financial Controller

Taking care of yourself is a big part of being a hardworking professional, and promoting a work-life balance is an important step for you and your workforce to have a healthy, positive and stress-free working experience. We hope our team’s tips have been helpful and encourage you to take a chance to breathe.