Power of a Network – Video

In an age where face-to-face interaction is somewhat unheard of, it’s ironic that networking during the pandemic has become more of a necessity than an option for the majority of SMEs.

Business coaches, Dave Verburg and Sue Gee talk about the importance of networking for your business and iron out any worries as they talk through the endless opportunities to networking.

Dave and Sue also talk through how to measure the quality of your network, how the scope of virtual meetups can work for the introverts too, and how to approach the world of networking head-on.

For March’s webinar, Grace will be welcoming Jenna Collins and Vicky Jones as they use their passion and knowledge to stress the importance of creating healthy daily habits and routines that encourage connectivity. Providing easy tips to encourage connectivity and explaining how and why it contributes to overall wellbeing.

We are all experiencing pandemic fatigue, so why not shake-it-off you and your workforce by joining the webinar on Thursday 25th March at 11am.