Getting The Best Out Of Your People – Video

“People leave their managers not companies” so said Marcus Buckingham.

We’ve kicked off our 2021 webinar programme with this interview with Prosper² Business Development Director Sue Gee on how to keep your staff motivated and engaged in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Sue has a couple of decades of experience in training, learning and coaching. Accomplished business woman, coach and energetic ‘people person’ she lives and breathes the contents of her published book on leadership and management, ‘Who’s driving the bus?’.

  • Watch to learn how to:
  • trust your staff to deliver;
  • have staff take personal responsibility for their actions and decisions;
  • inspire staff to go the extra mile;
  • create a culture where staff look forward to coming to work & feel valued & motivated.

We hope this will leave you feeling more in control with plenty of tips on how to reduce people issues and achieve a happy workplace with reduced stress for you and your team.