Helping members enhance their Personal Brand

Media channels are an ideal way to enhance your personal brand, solidify your expert status and make a name for yourself within a saturated community. Although there are a variety of media dimensions that contribute to an excellent marketing strategy, all are respected in their own right:

What’s important before you consider jumpstarting your media journey is to start with your story by focusing on your purpose and your personal story.

It’s also essential to set realistic goals:

  • Think: why do you want media coverage?
  • Be specific – SMART
  • It’s not a numbers game
  • Think long-term
  • Create your own check-list

Build relationships with journalists:

  • Be aware that journalists are time-poor
  • Know the media influencers that reach your customers
  • Follow them on social media and start conversations

Craft the perfect pitch:

  • Find your “hero” story
  • Understand your customers and speak from the heart
  • Do your research
  • Milk any & all coverage
  • Create a human interest angle
  • Hijack the news agenda

Get your assets in gear:

  • Create assets for the media
  • Prepare professional high-resolution photographs, videos, infographics, social media links
  • Anticipate follow-up questions
  • Follow-up 3 working-days with a new angle
  • Ask for feedback
  • Be available for interviews

Measure your goals:

  • What does ‘good’ coverage look like to you?
  • Did the coverage you receive match up to your expectations?
  • What did you learn?

Pay it forward:

  • Promote the coverage everywhere
  • Shoutout the media outlets and journalists
  • Put your contacts, customers and partners forward for media opportunities
  • Direct your staff, customers etc to the media outlet’s website and ask them to promote the coverage on social media

As part of the Prosper² membership you have the opportunity to have a platform, in a world where coverage is crucial for growth, diversification and maintaining your brand tone of voice on a variety of mediums.

How can we do this?

Through Prosper² Media, the owners of the UK’s biggest SME online publications, Real Business and Business Advice, you have the opportunity to produce articles or be featured. You can get this in your membership if you are a Black or Platinum member or you can simply purchase the service via our ServiceHub.

If you wish to talk about this fantastic opportunity in more detail please get in touch with your Relationship Manager or would like to know more about being a Prosper² member, get in touch today on 0203 814 0046.

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