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Prosper² Founder Michael Wilson and Director Gerald Bradley have spent time engaging with internationally renowned experts in Societal and Economic trends Linzi Boyd and Darren Shirlaw, the Founders of BoB, who specialise in building brands, growing businesses and impacting industries.

In this LIVE event, hosted by Praseeda Nair – Prosper² Media’s Editorial Director, they will share with you their views on:

Product Innovation

More market share changes hands during this part of the recession but whatever product you took into the recession is generically not the product that sells best through the recession. In 10 years from now we will see new large brands in the marketplace that were born in this recession. The era of 2021 – 2031 will see more innovation in society than in any point in history.

This webinar covers:
Innovation of the customer journey not the core product.
Introducing awareness and leverage products
Finding gaps in 3 places: Inside the company, inside the industry and global trends
How to position your business to maximise the opportunities in a recession

So join us Thursday 11th June @ Midday to find out more 

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