Don’t make it Difficult for Clients to Stay Loyal to You

An average adult is estimated to make roughly 35,000 decisions per day. Each of us is bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information throughout the day. Advertisements, road safety signs, people, traffic, our chores, work tasks, shopping, entertainment, family commitments and more demand our attention and drain us of our energy.

Any service that requires people to think extensively, pore over its detailed terms thoroughly, and make decisions after considering a variety of factors cannot sustain itself in the long run. Even services like insurance, credit cards and so on require the customers to invest that much of decision-making only once before making the purchase. However, services like loyalty programmes that are designed to be used as much as possible, cannot force their users to make complex decisions every time they want to use it. They must be simple, straightforward, and effortless to use.

Here are some hallmarks of an easy-to-use loyalty programme and the benefits they offer.


People just don’t talk about their loyalty programmes. It doesn’t figure in their regular conversations with friends, family, or colleagues. However, when your loyalty programme allows them to purchase their dream item – it could be a Rolex watch, a business-class ticket, a long-awaited vacation – you bet that they will sing your praises to everyone they meet. The loyalty programme must be designed from the ground up to be a highly functional and delightfully rewarding service. The best way to make it is by enabling your customers to realise their most cherished dreams with the help of the programme.

Prosper² Rewards®, for instance, allows your clients to use their pre-paid multi-currency Mastercard to make purchases anywhere they like. Once your clients accumulate enough points, they can realise any of their shopping dreams. Make them happen with Prosper².

Easy to Understand Points Conversions

When you create too many points and structures, you essentially kill your loyalty programme. Some loyalty programmes offer different number of points for different set of purchases. Some of the truly disastrous loyalty programmes even create a tiered structure for converting those points into usable credit or money. Such programmes die before they take off.

When your client is at a POS or on a website considering whether to use your card, they should instantly know the value they are getting from using your card for that particular transaction. This is only possible when the number of points awarded, and their value in Pounds are 100% clear to the user. Creating a simple conversion scheme for both is critical for the success of your loyalty programme.


A successful loyalty programme is one that offers its users complete freedom in how they wish to take benefit from that programme. It does not confound them with a plethora of hidden terms and conditions. Only such a loyalty programme can delight your clients and help you develop the goodwill necessary for them to stay loyal to you. Prosper² Rewards is one such programme.