Offer Your Customers the World, Literally – With Prosper² Rewards®

Do you know what’s common between Uber, Airbnb, Netflix and their generation of tech-driven blockbuster successes?


Consumers have time and again showered businesses with a deluge of money for making their lives simple. Click a button, get a taxi. Click a button, watch a movie. Click a button, book a holiday pad. Simplicity reduces the cognitive costs of decision-making for people, and they reward it with money. This trend is even more pronounced among the B2B businesses.

Amazon’s enterprise cloud solutions, AWS, raked in $17.459 billion in sales in 2017 alone by allowing businesses to scale up, scale down, and respond dynamically to their changing digital infrastructure needs seamlessly.

The lesson from all of this? Consumers love simplicity; businesses are obsessed with it and for a very good reason.

Businesses prosper in a stable environment. When they do not have to make decisions frequently on non-productive aspects of running a business, entrepreneurs and business leaders can spend more of their time on productive tasks that actually push the organisation forward. Naturally, businesses crave simplicity and the efficiency it brings into the equation.

Yet, a bevy of the loyalty programmes in the B2B space are intent on making the lives of their enterprise customers as difficult as possible. There are endless terms and conditions that put limitations on how the business clients can spend their rewards points, where they can spend them, and how much value those points have.

Prosper² Rewards puts an end to all of this!

Embrace Simplicity With Prosper² Rewards.

Prosper² offers an innovative open-loop rewards programme that allows your enterprise customers to accumulate points from their business with you, and redeem those points directly to a Prosper² Rewards Card. With each Prosper² Point worth £1, they can use their redeemed points to shop wherever they want, as long as the store – physical or online – accepts Mastercard payments.

Most loyalty programmes in the market treat their rewards points like store credits, thereby forcing the customers to redeem them in a limited way. With the Prosper² multi-currency Mastercard, a world of shopping options opens up before your enterprise customers.

Now, that’s customer relationship management at its finest.

In one fell swoop, you achieve two powerful objectives with Prosper² Rewards. Firstly, you convey to your business customers that you actually care about them and are not using creative accounting and confusing rewards programmes to up-sell or make more money from them. In other words, you win their trust.

Secondly, you delight the customers by giving them the freedom to choose their reward for themselves. So, whatever they purchase by redeeming those points will create a lasting loyalty in them towards you.

With Prosper² Rewards, you can finally put the ‘loyalty’ back into your loyalty programme.