6 Key Features of a Great Loyalty Strategy

1 -Easy
A loyalty programme must be easy. Easy to operate, easy to use and easy to sell. This is essential to providing the great customer service that keeps customers coming back.

2 -Smart
It must gather and analyse customer data to provide actionable insight. A loyalty programme is the perfect medium to understand your customer preferences and buying behaviour that can guide your future strategy.

3 –Personal 
Customers want to feel that you care. A loyalty programme allows you to create rewards catered toward what they love to buy. Roll out relevant rewards and you’re sure to see them back through the doors soon.

4 -Connecting 
Your customers want to hear from you. They’re also more likely to respond to your communications than a new customer.  And with the rapid addition of smartphones, it’s even easier to connect and keep in touch via email, mobile and social media.

5 –Visibility
Customers should be able to see the rewards that they earn, and understand how to use them! Redemption of rewards should be simple and clear to comprehend. Customers should also be able to easily find out information.

6 –Social
Social media is now essential to business growth. Therefore, your reward programme should have social features and reward customers for sharing online. Make your programme engaging and easy to share and you’re onto a winner.

In a competitive marketplace where customers find it easy to switch supplier, loyalty programmes are an effective way to maximise  and develop your customers and improve your profitability. If you want to build a loyal clientele, keeping the customer satisfied isn’t always enough.

To increase loyalty, you need to recognise and reward your best customers. A loyalty programme can be used to incentivise and delight your most valued customers. That in turn can do wonders for your profitability.