The Prosper² Rewards Programme

Prosper² Rewards® is the UK's leading B2B rewards programme. 

With Prosper² Rewards® you accumulate points, just like any other rewards programme such as Avios or Nectar, but with a key and revolutionary difference.  Prosper² Points can be transferred or loaded to your Prosper² Rewards Card, a prepaid MasterCard (no credit check required), as pounds - spending as, and when and where you desire.

That's not all, through Prosper² Rewards® you can reward the people who make things happen. By rewarding your own customers and partners with Prosper² Points you can increase sales, boost profitability, stand out in your market place and develop stronger relationships with them and do it all in a cost-effective manner. 

Optimising loyalty from valuable customers is a key strategic objective for many organisations.  At Prosper² we help our members by monetising our loyalty programme, which delivers greater customer value, enhanced engagement and improved customer intelligence.

The management of the Prosper² Rewards Card and members purchase of Prosper² Points, is handled through the Prosper² Membership Portal, a platform that integrates with our back-end CRM system and invoicing software.  All of our existing systems are secure, cloud-based, fault tolerant and backed up both online and offline, providing excellent quality assurance.


64% of SMEs report that reward cards have been effective for them, meaning the programme makes more money than it costs to maintain.  It’s important for business owners to keep in mind that customer loyalty isn’t just for big businesses – a well-designed programme can help any size business scale and reach new heights. So, how can a reward card help your SME? 

Repeat customers give, and give. As a small business, your growth opportunities are huge! By providing rewards programmes, SMEs can not only say thank you but also motivate customers to be their brand ambassadors. They can easily spread the word about a business to their networks, helping SMEs increase their customer base even more.  

You can rise above the competition. It can be difficult for SMEs to compete with large brands considering that most have more locations, resources and the ability to offer lower prices. However, a great reward card is an easy way for SMEs to show their personal side and remain competitive in spaces dominated by big business. It also gives you the edge on your SME competitors who don’t offer similar incentives.

They are remarkably cost effective. Customer loyalty doesn't cost a fortune, and reward card programmes don’t have to drain a SMEs’ budget. While some companies haemorrhage cash into loyalty programmes, SMEs can easily achieve promising results for very little money. Rewards cards also act as a fantastic marketing solution! 

Finally, they build lasting and meaningful relationships. When relevant factors are taken into consideration about each customer, such as targeted rewards, relationships are built which increase brand loyalty and of course, make your SME a profit!  

The key differentiator of Prosper² is our ability to offer a B2B points based rewards programme.

  • Prosper² offers its members a Prosper² Rewards Card, a prepaid MasterCard, to be used worldwide.
  • Similar to Air-miles or Nectar.
  • Redeem Prosper² Points to the Prosper² Rewards Card.
  • A clear, simple alternative to other complex point models that rely on a high percentage of points not being redeemed.
  • A card that will be desirable and front-of-wallet.
Prosper² Loyalty Card MasterCard®

Prosper² Loyalty Card MasterCard®

Bringing business people and opportunities together in the same place.


A loyalty programme is traditionally thought of as B2C tool providing value to customers for shopping again and again. In exchange for their loyalty customers collect points and rewards.

If you are a B2B business there is a strong chance you are using something to incentivise buying in bulk or for ordering more. Most common would be volume discounts, but there are also sales promotions, incentives and even prizes. We even know of holidays gifted to the company who orders the most in a year! 

It is easy to see the benefits of a loyalty programme in the B2C space but there are also many benefits in B2B as well. The same principles apply, the more customers you retain the more money you make and loyalty programmes are proven to get customers shopping more frequently boosting profitability.

Prosper² Rewards allows you to reward based on volume to sell more, profit to make more and can even give additional perks based on how many purchases have been made over time.


Your customers are other businesses. They have their own business to run. They're not likely to be looking for all the bells and whistles in your loyalty programme but they are likely to be looking to see if you have one. They don't want to evaluate lots of actions that you may reward. 

We recommend keeping your B2B loyalty programme very simple and easy to understand. Your customer wants to quickly evaluate if your programme provides enough incentive to join. If it does you will become the preferred provider of whatever you sell.

A simple program gives B2B customers the basics they need to join your programme, without overwhelming them. They are just as busy as you and will not appreciate a really fancy loyalty programme.


mNormally you would expect a combination of on site communication and email communication. However, B2B loyalty programmes are slightly different.

When a customer interacts with your business they may already know exactly what they want and are looking for a efficient transaction. They want ordering through you to be as quick and painless as possible. They want a loyalty programme that is set up in much the same way.

These types of loyalty members don’t want to be bogged down in the details. They want to place an order, know they are receiving extra value from your programme and get back to the 100’s of other things they are doing.

Send emails to them after every purchase informing them of how many points you are rewarding them and why. Include anything else you think they need to know such as how they can earn bonus points next time or how many points you'll reward them for an increase in spend.

Email allows your customer to go back and find something easily in their inbox. They can get the details in their own time rather than having to go to your site to find them.


With Prosper² you can reward bonus points based on how much a customer is purchasing. This is an easy way to add value to higher volume sales without having to run separate programmes.

You can reward extra points for an increased amount of spend or number of units purchased. Or, for an amount of spend over a certain value which usually works better in B2B loyalty programmes as your customer may be buying a single large product, but you want them to choose the slightly more expensive one.


You are approaching your quarter or year end and are noticing you are short of your sales goals or projections. You can use the Prosper² loyalty program to incentivize purchases at key times.

With your loyalty programme and marketing campaign you can run extra points events to stir up sales. You can email your members list and let them know that this week, weekend, or day you will be offering 3x (or whatever you choose) the number of points on each purchase. This gives your customers an incentive to shop during a key time of year for you.


Tiers are milestones that a customer can cross to join a new group. You can use tiers to segment loyal customers based on their past interactions with your business.

Popular benefits used in tiers:

  • Bonus points on spend within a tier
  • Free shipping within certain tiers 
  • Bonus points reward at a milestone

These encourage customers to strive for that tier to get the reward. When they get there you will be giving them more, but the rewards also encourage them to order from you more often. They get more the more they order.


Why not implement a more traditional sales incentive? If a customer spends x amount with your business you reward them with a huge points bonus. 

The beauty of giving points for each purchase is that you are not giving a gift for the purchase, you are giving loyalty points. You don't want your purchasing managers to accept gifts for a purchase, but you do want them to accept discounts/points for your business! 

If you have any questions about building a B2B loyalty programme for your business please feel free to contact the Prosper² Client Services team.