How to : Introduce New Members

Scenario: You wish to send a Prosper² Membership invitation to an important contact. 


Step 1 - GO TO New Members

  • Log in to your Prosper² Membership Portal.

  • In the main navigation click 'New Members'.

STEP 2 - INtroduce New MEMBERs

  • After clicking 'New Members' you will see the screen below detailing all the invitations you have sent.

  • Click on '+Add New'.

  • After clicking '+Add New' you will see the screen below requesting you to create an invite.

  • Enter the First Name, Last Name, Email address and Business Name of the person/company you wish to invite.

  • Select the appropriate Membership level. (In this case Platinum - If selecting Black then see below for additional requirements)

  • Select whether VAT is applicable and click to confirm the person has given permission for you to invite them to join.

  • Click the 'Invite & Save' button to send your invitation.

Introduce New Members 3 Screenshot.png

If inviting a person to Black Membership an additional 3 questions will be asked:

  • Enter the monthly membership price the person wants to pay.

  • Enter the number of points (usually 80% of the price)

  • Enter the number of invites the person requires on a monthly basis (additional invites can be requested at any time).

Introduce New Members 4 Screenshot.png


  • Incomplete member invites are shown as 'Pending'.

  • Your invitee's status will be shown as 'Complete' after they accept and register for free with Prosper². You will also receive an email confirming that they have successfully joined.

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