Enhanced Cardholder and Gifting Points - Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Enhanced Cardholder?

An Enhanced Cardholder is a co-director or co-owner who may be entitled to receive a share of personal rewards points.

How do I assign an Enhanced Cardholder?

To assign an existing Cardholder as an Enhanced Cardholder you will need to email David Price at david@prosper2.co.uk and provide details of the Cardholder you wish to enhance.

Please note that they must be a Cardholder with Prosper² and be an owner or director of the member business. If you have directors or co-owner that are not yet Cardholders with Prosper² then you will need to invite them as a Cardholder prior to us assigning them as an Enhanced Cardholder.

What are the benefits for an Enhanced Cardholder?

Enhanced Cardholders will be able to receive all the Membership Perks offered to the Primary Cardholder based on the Member’s Membership level. They will also be able to access the Marketplace and view the Service Hub.

Enhanced Cardholders will not be able to see business points balances, purchase business points or reward Cardholders with business points.

What is gifting points?

Gifting points is the ability for a Primary Cardholder to share all personal points that are rewarded to them by Prosper² with Enhanced Cardholders.

Who is the Primary Cardholder?

The Primary Cardholder is the person who signed the business up to be a member.

When can I start gifting points?

Once we have assigned your Enhanced Cardholders you will be able to gift points to them immediately.

When do I take control?

From the 1st November 2018 full control of who receives personal rewards points will be handed to the Primary Cardholder. This means that all personal points will be rewarded to the Primary Cardholder who will then have to ‘gift’ them to the Enhanced Cardholders.

Who can I gift points to?

You can only gift points to Enhanced Cardholders.

Do I gift personal or business points?

Only personal points can be gifted to Enhanced Cardholders. Business Points are for rewarding your clients and key contacts.

How do I gift points?

Details of how to gift points can be found in our Gifting Points Getting Started Guide.