Property Developer Campaign

A property developer is undertaking a marketing campaign utilising Prosper² Rewards in order to achieve quick sales, at a higher value. The target for 10 units is £1m per unit and the developer is advertising a 5% ‘points reward’ at asking price. 

Buyer’s Incentive:

  • The buyer receives 50,000 Prosper² Points on completion, at asking price.

  • Prosper² Points can be redeemed to the buyer’s Prosper² Rewards Prepaid Mastercard® for £1 per point.

  • The Prosper² Rewards Prepaid Mastercard can be used anywhere in the world - examples may include spend on furniture, fittings, vehicles, art or holidays etc.

Prosper Rewards Card.jpg

Property Developer Benefits:

  • The cost of the marketing campaign per unit, to include 50,000 points, is £55,000.

  • Points are purchased on success of the campaign, per unit and not upfront.

  • Total sales £10m.


  • The property developer is a member of Prosper² and buys Prosper² Points.

  • In conjunction with a partner marketing company the units are advertised for sale for £1m with 5% reward.

  • Buyer signs sales agreement with the property developer to include 5% reward with Prosper² Points.

  • Property developer invites buyer to become a Prosper² Cardholder (there’s no cost to the buyer and signup is simple).

  • Property developer rewards Prosper² Points to buyer via the Prosper² Membership Portal.

  • Buyer redeems Prosper² Points via Prosper² Membership Portal at 1 Prosper² Point = £1.

  • Funds are credited to the buyer’s Prosper² Rewards Prepaid Mastercard the same day.