Our role is to Listen, Engage & Enable, offering help, knowledge, support and value to our members.


The Prosper² Business Club is at its core a community for entrepreneurs and business owners to connect with like-minded people and find the services or benefits to help their business flourish. Our members are the key to our success, and we are here to listen to you. Prosper² is committed to supporting UK SMEs through the highs and lows of business and we want to ensure we are offering the right services to fulfil our members’ needs. Our fantastic team is always ready to listen to your feedback, requests, ideas, or questions. If your business needs support or you are looking for a contact in a particular industry, there are several ways we can help.


Getting involved in our growing community of entrepreneurs is straightforward and we have several platforms for our members to connect and communicate with us and each other. Prosper² believes it is important to be engaged with all of our members, updating you regularly with club news, new services, benefits and special offers through Prosper² Together, our private community group, and our weekly newsletters. We strive to create positive experiences for our members and value your perspective to help us improve and grow into a platform that truly enhances your business adventure. We encourage our engaged members to become Prosper² ambassadors to create a network and professional community that you feel inspired and excited to be part of.


By listening and understanding what our members want or need, our team is in the best possible position to find the right strategies and services to assist your business. This is your business club membership: Prosper² is determined to enable you to achieve your goals, whether that is growing your company, expanding your professional network, or living your ideal lifestyle. Our solution-driven services, benefits, and opportunities are easily accessible to our members and can be tailored to your unique needs. There is not set path to joining Prosper². Our business club is here to support you in your business journey.