Our Story

The birth of Prosper²

Our founder, Michael Wilson, has an extensive network in the property sector in and around London. Michael would often find project or opportunities arriving on his desk and reach out to his network to find parties who might be interested in investing or collaborating. Typically sometime after the opportunity had passed he would then bump into someone who would have loved to be involved and missed out on the chance. Michael thought there must be a better way to run his business network and that’s when the concept of Prosper² emerged.

A business club for like-minded people

Prosper² was born, a business club for like-minded people to share business opportunities, investments and get access to market leading products and services exclusively aimed for the SME market.

A reward program with freedom

In order to thank its members for their business, Prosper² wanted a points based rewards program. As Michael didn’t want the loyalty card to be a meaningless piece of plastic, he successfully engaged with Mastercard to develop an innovative rewards program linked to a pre-paid card.

Prosper² Rewards offers the member the ability to redeem their points to the card and spend world-wide wherever they see the Mastercard logo, which has proven to be a major differentiator in the loyalty sector.

Traditional rewards programs only let you redeem the points in-house and the customer spend is very limited, e.g. airmiles can only be redeemed with the issuing airline for future flights. Prosper² Rewards gives the member the ability to spend their rewards whenever and wherever they see fit.