Prosper² Rewards - Rewarding Loyalty

How the UK’s leading B2B Rewards Programme can help you.

Prosper² Rewards® is an innovative open-loop rewards programme that allows your most valuable customers to accumulate points from their business with you and redeem those points directly to a Prosper² Rewards Prepaid Mastercard®. With each Prosper² Point worth £1, they can use their redeemed points to enjoy whatever they want.

Optimising loyalty from valuable customers should be a key strategic objective for all companies. At Prosper² we help our members by monetising our loyalty programme, which delivers greater customer value, enhanced engagement and improved customer intelligence.

Most loyalty programmes treat their rewards points like store credits, thereby forcing the customers to redeem them in a limited way. With the Prosper² Rewards Mastercard, a world of shopping options opens up before your customers.

Prosper² - Your Rewarding Business Club

Prosper² Business Club aimed at, and exclusively available to, owners and directors of SMEs and their clients, delivers unique business benefits designed to grow business, generate loyalty and drive efficiencies. You and your business are rewarded with a wealth of specialist business services and membership perks including Prosper² Rewards Points. 

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Choose from 4 levels of membership, match your budget and join today.

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Market leading B2B rewards for all companies - no matter what size.

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A circuit board manufacturer produces circuit boards in the UK with 294 active and 300 archived clients...

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