Create Lasting Business Loyalty (with Rewards, of course!) 

You can't buy or sell customer loyalty, you have to create it.  

Prosper² is the market leading B2B rewards program and private business club. We're passionate about using our expertise to enable our members to win new business more efficiently whilst maximising and retaining current contracts.   


People buy from people, not from companies. In today’s buyer-empowered world, businesses increasingly consult their network of peers for recommendations and guidance during their purchasing process. A company’s loyal customers will be a key reason for it to make the shortlist in that network of recommendations.


Prosper² maximises your B2B relationships by offering a unique way to reward and incentivise spend. Learn more about building an effective loyalty program.


Developing an existing customer is more valuable than acquiring a new one, by a factor of up to 10. B2B marketers are now under increasing pressure to deepen relationships in order to retain their valuable existing customer base.


How Reward Points Work for You.


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About Us

Who we are, why we are passionate about B2B Loyalty and how can it support your business.

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Market leading B2B Rewards for all companies - no matter what size.

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A circuit board manufacturer produces circuit boards in the UK with 294 active and 300 archived clients...

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