What is Prosper² and how can we help grow your business?

Our membership organisation promotes, develops and supports your business growth strategy by building and rewarding existing business relationships whilst re-engaging dormant contacts.

Prosper² enables businesses to nurture their prospects and drive forward future business whilst deepening relationships with valued clients. 

Prosper² members enjoy a range of benefits including our points based loyalty program, exclusive access to network opportunities, market events and brand enhancing benefits.

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With your Prosper² membership you will enjoy exclusive brand enhancing benefits.

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B2B Reward Programme

The key differentiator of Prosper² is our ability to offer a B2B points based loyalty program.

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About Us

What is Prosper² and how can it support your business's growth strategy?

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Case Study

A circuit board manufacturer produces circuit boards in the UK with 294 active and 300 archived clients...

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